In-State Versus Out of State Rehab Programs

In-State Versus Out of State Rehab Programs

Figuring out what the best rehab program is for your specific needs can be difficult. There are so many rehab programs and varieties of rehab facilities that you have to choose from. Plus, you also have instate rehab programs, out of state rehab programs, and options that let you cross state lines. When comparing instate versus out of state rehab programs, you need to know what each type of rehab offers to make the most educated choice. The goal is to help you narrow down which rehab will help provide you with the best results. That way, you can start your recovery journey and feel better in no time.

In-State Rehab Program Overview

An instate rehab program is what most people attend. This is a rehab facility that is nearby, which makes it ideal to some. They are close to home, in an area they know and feel comfortable with. Plus, in most instances, this means that insurance will pay for some or all of their stay. However, this is not always the best-suited type of rehab for a person to turn to. With so many types of rehabs, location is just one factor that must be put into the decision. Plus, there are actually some reasons that going to a rehab near where you live is a bad idea.

Out of State Rehab Program Overview

When opting for an out of state rehab program, this means you travel to get to the rehab facility you want. This may be just over the border into a nearby state, or completely across the country. The type of rehab facility is still yours to choose. However, it is not typically in a place you know. You may have visited the area before or know someone nearby. However, it is usually not your typical place to turn to. You can still pick from the wide variety of rehabs the location has to offer. It just means that you will be taking a trip to get there and to return home when you are done.

Types of Rehabs to Consider

Whether you opt for an instate rehab program or you want to go with an out of state rehab, you need an idea of what type of rehab is going to help most. There are dozens of types of rehab. Plus, many of them overlap, making your choice list even more vast. Here are just a few of the most common types of rehab you are likely to come across.

  • Executive rehabs
  • Rehabs for men
  • Mountainside rehabs
  • Rehabs for teenagers
  • Lakeside rehabs or oceanside rehabs
  • Rehabs for women
  • Luxury rehabs
  • Rehabs for the elderly
  • Christian rehabs
  • Catholic rehabs
  • Inpatient rehabs
  • Outpatient rehabs
  • Dual diagnosis rehabs for when addiction is tied to mental illness
  • Holistic rehabs
  • Addiction-specific rehabs (like a rehab for alcohol addiction or cocaine addiction specifically)
  • And so many more…

In most instances, there are multiple labels that cover the type of rehab you pick. Some rehabs may be faith-based and only serving men or women. Another example is a luxury rehab that is both an inpatient rehab facility, and a facility that is on the ocean or a lake. This gives you all the amenities of a luxury rehab, but allows you to stay at the facility and also hear the waves during your stay.

Comparing Instate Versus Out of State Rehab Programs

When comparing instate versus out of state rehab programs, you need to look at the overall benefits that you get out of it. Rehab is not equal no matter where you go. You are not going to get the same results no matter where you go. It simply is not possible. Each rehab facility is going to take a unique approach to helping you through your recovery journey. What matters most is not what rehab you attend. Instead, it is if you get the tools you need to stop your addiction and maintain your recovery.


If your goal is to recover near friends and family that have offered to support you during your recovery, then an instate rehab program could be the perfect solution for you. You remain near your home. The area is familiar as are the activities you will likely be undertaking. If you need help from a friend or loved one, they are nearby to be there for you. This makes the process more comforting to many people. Plus, it is often considered easier to find a local rehab than one that is further away. If you simply want to type rehabs near me into your search engine, you can pick from the list you get. Plus, it makes aftercare much easier as well since it is all local. However, that is not always the best approach.

Out of State

For those that need a little distance, then an out of state rehab program may be best. Some people start using and abusing drugs and alcohol due to people in their lives. This means that going somewhere else may be a better option. That negative influence is gone, which may make recovery easier. Plus, if you need a specific type of rehab, such as a meth rehab for men, there are limited options for you. You may not have one nearby. The problem is, it may be the best way to recover for some people. Looking anywhere that this unique type of rehab might be located is then your best option.

Is There a Benefit to Seeking Out of State Rehab Programs?

There are several important benefits that come with looking at out of state rehab options. One example is when the type of rehab you need is incredibly specific. If you struggle with an addiction that is rarer, then you may need a unique type of rehab to match so you have the best chances of recovery.

Another benefit of considering an out of state rehab is that you are away from the influences and the crowd you used with. If you had a bad day of withdrawals and were near home, you would know where to go to score. However, if you are in a totally new place, you have no idea where to go. This means you need to focus on your recovery more, and are far more likely to succeed.

There is also the benefit of being anonymous in a new place. Near your home, you may run into someone you know. You may even be in rehab with someone you know. That could be an uncomfortable situation for both you and the person you run into. By going somewhere else, this gives you more anonymity and allows you to just be you. You are not John or Jane Doe – the person struggling with addiction. You are simply you. This can be incredibly freeing for some people and help them grab hold of their sobriety with a deeper level of passion.

Let Us Help Connect You with the Perfect Rehab

The best thing that you can do when it comes to recovery is finding the perfect fit in terms of rehab. This is where you discover what really led to your addiction. This is where you set yourself up for a lifetime of success. You will go through what happened and learn how to not repeat those same mistakes. Plus, you will also go through and create plans that allow you to maintain your recovery once you return to normal life. This process takes time, but when you find a rehab facility that makes you feel welcome and accepted, that time becomes much easier to manage.

If you are not sure what type of rehab to turn to, contact us. It is our job to know what options you have, but it is our passion to share with you what opportunities you have in front of you. We will listen to what is going on, ask some questions to help understand your situation, then match you with the best possible rehab facilities. That way, from the moment you begin your recovery, you are fully set up for success. If you want to know what options you have, call us here at (NAME). We would love to take you by the hand and walk you through the early steps of getting signed up for a rehab that will suit your needs. If you have questions, we can answer them. Trust us. We have helped others in situations just like yours, and we can help you, too.

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